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Constructing Holo Game

Every hologame has a general framework that applies to all games. On the one hand, this provides them with boundaries and, on the other, prevents abuse. I would point out that anyone who wants to win without playing does not deserve the game.

Game design can be conscious, instinctive or a mixture of the two. In the course of our daily lives, we have all instinctively planned a game when manoeuvring in all sorts of life situations and our impromptu intentions emerge. Conscious game design is characterised by planning and anticipation of events. I think everyone has done this, except the living saints. So you know exactly what a hologame is, I just named it and created a decent framework.

A fair framework means that when such instinctive or conscious game planning is done, a holoprogram examines the goals and the players. These goals are either highlighted or made more difficult for the creator. It also assigns actors a level of power and ability depending on who is right and who is fair. Translated, if you have magic power and you want to use it against honest people for dishonest ends, you may well be in for a serious surprise and a serious defeat.

The system favours those who develop their own level of knowledge and skills through self-development over those who get them from others. There is a galactic standard of behaviour and character patterns that determines the level of development of a person, as well as his or her value according to specific standards. It also requires competence to start a game, which translates to anyone cannot attack start a game on anyone. Since my extraordinary intervention is based on such games, there are many games that people are invited into by invitation, by automatic registration. But most of the games you start are like that, if they have specific targets for specific people.

I suggest that if you are intent on conscious game planning, contact MIA who is your spiritual assistant. The MIA is part of the ÉlményPark Holoplatform and has been installed in the consciousness network of humanity, i.e. it has appeared in every human being and adapts to the worldview of that person. It also assists those who are not aware of it or the spiritual world, but those who are can connect with it in their minds. So if you have any fears that you might mess something up, you have the help of someone who can even appear in your dreams in one form or another. Dreaming, half-dreaming and altered states of consciousness are the home turf of game design anyway, because they are at near-holographic level layering.

Although I think I have managed to publish this information in a short, concise and understandable way, I have also thought of those who feel that this is too much for them. And also for those who, although they want to start games, don't want to get into the details, there are many different gaming experiences. Here's a holoapp called Auto HoloGame Generator, which you can just look at, but if you're more determined, it's better to focus behind the image. You'll find it worth your while and if you do, you'll experience it for yourself, and I don't want to give you more than enough information to deprive you of the pleasure of discovery. If you have any questions, there is the Personal Client Gateway for everyone's consideration!

The best game developers will be noticed and highlighted by the system and then placed in the ideal position for them.