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How can I use it?

First, it’s worth clarifying to yourself what interests you more. The game organization, or the game itself. Game organization is one of the tasks of the Game Level admin and assumes a kind of internal interest that cannot be done on command. The majority will certainly focus on the game, that is, their own interests. I also support this so that the game is full of few game organizers and many players.

If I am in a game, how can I use it and what?

The game takes place at the game level in the outside world. You have a personal admin interface for this, which you can access in your imagination in the absence of a third eye. It feels as if your consciousness is the browser and the spiritual reality of the net. Most people are insecure in themselves, which makes it difficult to interpret the data correctly and their role is more statistical than the main role. Insecure people need news and they are always looking out for it. So the first thing is to learn to trust yourself, your thoughts, and your intuitions. Then you realize it yourself.

Who does meditating, what does he/she do?

If you digress, it's meditation. There are many levels and forms of meditation. But from a game level, they deal with game organization, i.e. they are involved in content delivery. They also stay under the ÉlményPark Platform, who they were, as they are also players.

If I meditate, what do I do?

You have a level of consciousness and a level of preparedness. It depends on what you do, what level they are at. If you meditate like I do, your quality as a player is negligible as long as your consciousness is working. When you work, your player quality stands out, for which your mind provides the admin interface. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that today there is such a thing as MIA and there is also a Personal Customer Portal that provide automatic operation even if you are a complete beginner. You’ll learn it because it can’t be otherwise.

If I use this, what do I participate in?

If you don't use it, do you know what you're involved in?

Why can't a straight answer be given?

Because then I would have to write a book, so much perspective and interpretation. I put the world in order at the level of One Thought. From here, you take part in this. Even if you’re against me, because one step of yours can seriously speed it up.