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What Holo Game is?

The Holo Game is a complex magic of intent with rules and frameworks, though it goes beyond magic in that sense. Holo Games have existed under other names so far, but whoever builds a new system can define the concepts themselves. Which then everyone can understand the same thing. This system corresponds to the characteristics of the game, because it has a system of rules, decisions and goals. The system tries to pair the right players and ensure them progress.

What happens then?

If you don’t know you’re in a holo game, it’s nothing. You live your life with only a balanced chance. Because whoever wants to win without a game does not deserve the game. For those who don’t deserve the game, two worlds are waiting for them. One is complete freedom, which doesn’t set rules for opponents bigger than you. The other is full care, in which you are not even free to order from the menu. The path to development is to experience the right proportions and ways of freedom and care.

How to get into holo play?

It would be hard to tell in a few words a non-stop 20-year meditation and even harder to tell the size of the work I did. I would call holo games the way of the solution rather than the solution itself, for which I had to move to the system level. Theoretically, everyone who is part of the system got into a holo game after the ‘end of the world’ and the goal of their game is to get into the corrective position. In practical terms, however, these are not real games yet, just an understandable formulation of what is happening to them. You can enter real holo games the way you understand with conscious registration. By becoming aware of it and registering in mind. Since I am not planning the thing as part of a worldwide advertising campaign, I am content to unpack the information on my web pages in addition to my meditations. But I can’t be interested in getting a few of these benefits either, so the rest of the game gets in with automatic registration, where they also represent the right level of strength, which is essential for a good game.

Why don't you dominate us?

So what happens next? I am a piece of man who has been hit by a task of a size that is nowhere near his capacity. However, a 48k ZX Spectrum can also control a PC fleet and I did the same. Because I thought on a gigantic scale from the outset, my power was neither dominant but service-minded. If it were domineering, it would be a disaster for a more developed part of the world than me, and I would stare at a bunch of self-thinking assholes waiting for boss instructions from me. If, on the other hand, it's a service provider, then you will certainly do the part of the work that you are able to do yourself. Surrender equals release from responsibility and striving for standing up.

What does it mean to be a service provider?

You look out of your eyes and you can already see the service you see as the Outside World. Holo games are organized activities on this platform that give meaning to the service.

What would religion say to that?

I can only guess, I'm not religious.

If you had to guess that, what would you guess, who could you be in their eyes?

For me, religious people play a holo fantasy game that has been extended to the level of reality. Proof of this is that they also conduct their spiritual affairs outside. In their eyes, I must certainly be one of their fairy-tale characters, I guess Satan, whom I see as a surgeon among internists.

So such holo games already exis?

In fact, you can make it yourself. Ahead of your question of how, you may have already made it in a dream, in a half-dream, and when you are planning something very much. Just because they are subjective, they require little modification to fit the game format.