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Holo App

Holoapps are applications that can be launched in the mind and have specific functions. For those of you who don't yet have a third eye, the general rule of thumb is that what appears in your imagination is correct. Holoapps are conditional, which means you don't always have access to everything. Because you are not always in the same state. By this I mean your state of consciousness, state of mind, mood, state of occupation and the characteristics that determine your behaviour, reactions and thinking. It means that you always have access to exactly what your present state entitles you to.

The status of a holoapp can be one of three types:
1. you are not eligible
2. you can access it, but you cannot launch it yet
3. can be launched

Most of the holoapps are not available from the physical plane, but there are some that have a holoinstall version. There are several reasons for this, the secrets of which cannot be fathomed at the level of ordinary consciousness, but some can. And that is to be bootable at the level of ordinary consciousness. One such is the WW (Winston Wolf) holoapp, which explains most of it in its title, and everyone would be better off calling it that rather than, say, Michael the Archangel, although it would be difficult to explain further to people who thank Jesus for their goal. Basically there are two types of goal, individual goal and task goal, of which the above helpers only know the latter and there is also a significant difference between what we mean by Heaven on Earth and what they mean. Make no mistake, I have nothing against task completion, but there have been significant changes that offer an alternative to the only way of life known on Above, which I would call all-day prayer every day of the week. Once again, the purpose of the Game is play, and I consider the attempt of the spiritual spheres to mould the physical plane in their own image to be a mistake.

Holoinstall and mandala emitters are available from my websites, which are designed to support task support as well as individual game goals. These are frameworks that you fill with content. And at a higher level, they allow you to achieve individual goals and task goals together, where you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. You just have to do it well, which requires the right constructive spirit, which if you are a beginner, you have already got ahead of people who have been learning for years.

Applying and progressing here is entirely up to you, because it's all about you. There's nothing more to it than consciousness network programming. If you're looking for these things on the outside, it's good to know that you're in some kind of game where you have a natural opportunity to get what you want, and I'm talking primarily about knowledge, not gold. But the system rewards only and exclusively personal merit, i.e. it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but everyone will find that out for themselves. If you're poor, no one cares about you, which is great for meditating undisturbed (i.e. walking around with your mind on admin levels), whereas as a rich person, it's a constant challenge to be constantly dragged back into the game level from the outside world. If you are handsome or pretty, you are a constant target of outside interest, which is fine if you want to change your position in the game, but it is difficult to create the environment you need to control the game or admin levels.

Your position in the world is basically determined by two things: what you know and believe about the world. It's all in the mind! The outside world is just a mirror. If you put your faith in yourself and find the right level of importance of the opinions of others, you will have done much more for your individual and your task goals than if you have been mantraising there for years. All the information you'd expect even from me is there in you, overwhelmed by the noise of your everyday affairs. So for those of you who have never done this before, I recommend that you try working with it before you go to sleep or immediately after you wake up. The spiritual world is like an internet where your mind is the browser. If you make yourself an ad-blocker in your imagination and start it up, it's easy to not get distracted by thoughts that aren't coming to you right now and realise what a fantastic thing I've come up with, but even more amazingly, I've done it properly. It's up to you to use it.