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If you have only 1 minute

If you only have 1 minute to do this, we have 1 minute to make the most of the situation. So the goal is not to fully understand this, but to use what you can in that time frame. Which will happen even if you think this is a big stupid thing to do. Although anyone who knows me knows this, I don't spend 20 years of my life doing stupid things.

As a first step, here are a couple of holo radiators. In short, holo frequencies don’t matter what physical object projects the vibrations. It could be a sheet of paper, a crystal, a pendant and it could be your monitor. If you sit at the other end of the world in front of your machine and look behind the images, your consciousness will jump to the holographic frequency and call the energies to yourself.

Since we don’t have much time out of 1 minute, the first image is a preparation program that you fill with content. It helps with any preparation.

Next up is holoGPS, which you can use to track your own radius. Since you may lack the necessary knowledge, the first setting is the point in your ideal future where you can already take over your things in the range above the physical plane. You can follow with your intuitions. As with GPS, you can get off the road and step back after recalculating.

After that, we make the connection to the Holo Game, which I won’t say more about because it’s the short version and wouldn’t fit in the 1 minute. To find out more, click here.

Now comes the part where if you fix yourself, you fix your world. If you fix your world, you can do a lot to fix the world. Such texts are of course clichés until the deeper meaning arrives, which you will have to wait for. But still, you only need to look at this to start a spiritual scan & clean. If you're more interested in restoring the world, click on the image.

That was the end of it and we made the most of the situation. Now you can go back to your normal life, I did the same when I first encountered this.

If you're interested, the following website has everything you need.

Go to

If not, that's fine, you can forget you were ever here.